When Your Head Explodes

You write because you’re a writer. SO WRITE.

(Okay, even longer post gap, but my life is crazy.)

So I organized my rabbits.

And wrote two essays.

And exquisitely grafted a trifold.

And got a new desk.

And Rosetta Stone.

(But my toes don’t even reach the ground anymore at my desk.)

And grades are due.




So yeah, post gap.

But anyway, time management. Yay. Struggling to fit writing/editing into your nasty schedule without collapsing every five minutes into a stress-induced anxiety attack.

It’s almost impossible to sneak even a hundred words in because you can’t “get in the zone.”

So here’s a solution: don’t.

If your head is about to explode, you need to take a break from writing. I hate to say it.

But this does not mean you can stop writing for good. When things calm down, you WILL keep going.

You started for a reason, so don’t quit.

But you’re allowed a break.

Panic attacks are not worth it.

So get your work done. And then get back to your charries.

(But if you are not taking a break, SHAME SHAME SHAME for coming here and wasting your time not writing.)


3 thoughts on “When Your Head Explodes

  1. Look, I was GOING to go write my book after just reading ONE post on this blog I kept hearing about, but…I’m still here, more than half an hour later. *headkeyboard* You really shouldn’t make your posts so interesting. And funny. And awesome.
    A follow for your awesomeness. 🙂
    Now I really AM going to go write my novel. Hopefully.


      • Hey, if I have to procrastinate, at least I can enjoy it, instead of loafing around in the kitchen trying to find some chocolate to eat. 😉 You are so very welcome.


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