The Cursed Cream

Make yourself a cup of coffee/tea and get writing because YOU ARE AMAZING AND YOU CAN DO IT.

(By the way, sorry about the post gap but I got sidetracked drawing an 18×24 of a wrinkly person this week.)

The middle.

Oh, the painful, crappy, obnoxious middle of a story.

It’s so important.

It’s SOO boring. To write, at least. This is the part where I want to stop writing the most.

So whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do I have to do it? Gaaahhhh.

Here’s an image: Writer gets fabulous idea. Writer avoids stroke and grabs pen and paper. Writer babbles on an on about his/her wonderful new charries. Writer types the beginning so fast he/she gets carpal tunnel within the first hour. Writer finishes beginning. Writer draws a blank 5k into the middle. Writer bangs head against wall repeatedly and trashes document.

You might know the feeling.

There are obvious reason why you should keep going and why it’s important, but hearing those thing will only stress you out, so I’m going to trust you already know.

Here are some motivators:

1.) Eventually, you’re going to get past the middle. And you’re going to click the last ley of your story and scream and burn your papers and smile smile smile because you did it. But that won’t happen if you don’t push on.

2.) If you don’t keep going, your characters are going to be annoying, whiny babies in your head. Well, at least mine would.

3.) It’s okay if it’s junk. Fix it later. Just get it done.

4.) An Oreo without cream is just two crumbly chocolate crackers. A lot of people enjoy the cream the most.

5.) No one else can write it for you.

6.) Walls can be broken. Don’t throw away hard work and talent because you hit a wall. A wall didn’t stop Gaston from stabbing his lady’s (he wishes) true love. So grab some pitchforks and fire and tree trunks and GET IN THE DANG CASTLE!

I’ve nearly quit being a writer all together in the middle of every single book I’ve written. But somehow, I’m still here. And heck, if I can do it, you can do it, considering my motivation only includes sitting around watching Supernatural and eating eggs.

Open up your document and get some momentum going.



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