You Are the Mechanic

If your character was to die at this exact moment in your book, what is the most logical cause of his/her death?

Then go do your most favorite thing. (I’m not talking about eating, Netflix, or staring at the ceiling.)

Okay, so I’m a hypocrite, but Supernatural is painful and aahhh.

So I’m literally one chapter into editing and I’m like:


I’ve ripped apart the entire first chapter and kept, like, six words.

But it’s all great, because its 1000x better than it was before, and I can already tell my characters are less stupid, the emotion is killer (Oh man, that was a terrible joke for the chapter in question…), my plot is more balanced, and my metaphors don’t talk about “mental winter times” and weird stuff like that.

So this is a little post for those of you in the painful, exciting, heart-breaking, alleviating editing phase. Keep on going, because that finished product is going to gleam. AND IMAGINE YOUR BABY IN BOOKSTORES. That shiny new cover, crisp pages. And it’ll have the book smell in stead of laptop screen smell! Geez Louise, that should be motivation enough.


No matter how bad it hurts, you’re never going to regret fixing your book. Like me, it may take five drafts, but that day when you click the last key of the final, polished draft will be a great day indeed (with lots of confetti and socially unacceptable dancing and singing and sleep. Lots of sleep.)

YOU CAN DO IT. But not if you don’t get to it.


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