You Probably Shouldn’t Be Here


I’ll start with an explanation. You probably won’t understand if you don’t write on a day-to-day basis.

If you’re like me, you love characters. You love stories. You cry when you run the ink out of your favorite pen. You come up with an idea that can propel the motion of a story.

But you hate planting your butt in the chair and actually typing it up.

So what do we do? We procrastinate! Mostly by Pinterest, reading blogs on how to write better, examining that cool thing on the desk, and making unnecessary trips to the fridge.

So, considering you’re probably here because you’re currently procrastinating, I want to make it halfway worth it. (Nothing’s really worth actually writing your story, though. Hence, the halfway.)

This blog will most likely contain tips, weird stories about my writing life, writing prompts of some sort, coffee/tea recommendations, and an absurd amount of sarcastic comments. And inspiration (AKA, me e-shoving you into a Word/Scrivener document to finish the crap you started.).

So get out there (AKA, your desk) and write your dang book.

But visit again! (Actually, no. Write your book instead.)


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